Offshore Recruitment Services

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Offshore Recruitment Services

Offer quick ,time bound and efficient hiring services to companies and recruitment agencies across the globe. An experience of screening, shortlisting and providing highly skilled candidates to several clients in North America.


We have a group of highly seasoned and trained recruiting experts to help you examine and match candidates to your requirement. Our search spans search engines, job boards and social media sites. Our service includes providing you quality resumes to match your timeline.

We specialise in:

Head Hunting/Passive Search

Search Job Boards

Research Services

Administrative Support

Your business will rise with our support in administrative service. Outsourcing these to us you can economise on time, money and energy and thereby, an increase in efficiency by focussing on your strategic business goals and profit-making.

We specialise in:

Resume Formatting

Database Regeneration

Job Posting and Advertising

Response Management

Get your business strategy right with Offshore Recruitment Support.