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Are you looking to source your products from Indian Small and Medium Enterprises? Working as your company representative we ensure the best possible products to be sourced from India.

Contemporary market is witnessing a shift of focus towards upcoming rising new economies. The cost price of production being low is a bonus when the domestic market shows receding trends. Outsourcing to India has been rewarding for those in west who ventured to do so and many are still mooting. India has raised itself to be the fourth largest economy in the world thereby a treasure trove of opportunities.

This is the most favourable time to succeed for sourcing from India. Government of India is lending its full support to businesses. Business friendly people of India and their ability to understand business promise a sustained growth of 7-8% in her GDP. This surety in growth further coupled with the nimble, flexible small industry ensures a potential to succeed in the scenario of international trade.

Global companies must carefully plan and execute their buying strategy since India is such a complex and challenging country in order to succeed for sourcing from India

Range of services offered as your company representative in India:

Vendor Development: Thorough assessement of manufacturing units - parameters being product range, quality of their produce, production capacity, facilities, financial capability, technology orientation, man power, working conditions, managerial efficiency and their overall quality policy.

Verification of Vendors' Credentials: The initial assessment is followed by providing of information to our principals and assisting in a combined decision for approving an identified vendor.

Sampling development: Samples are developed based on requirement. By offering this useful service, we assist our principals' marketing efforts in their country by giving them an edge over others.

Production follow ups and Quality control: Over all co-ordination between the principals and manufacturing unit in India for adherence to quality standards and delivery schedules.